TextBehind is a social networking app that connects users with every inmate around America. TextBehind uses text messages with photos, greeting cards and money orders.


TextBehind is a Free and UNLIMITED text-messaging social networking app. The app allows unlimited replies which are electronically delivered right into your smartphones. The letters are also delivered to your email addresses wherever you are in the world. TextBehind is a secure and nationwide communication service for all users. By using TextBehind, users can stay in touch with their families, friends and text pals without any worries. TextBehind is the most convenient and affordable communication service for users today. Users do not need to worry about buying envelopes, stamps, paper, etc. They can simply use TextBehind for such a purpose. Also, money-order is made easy now.

Standard Features List

Free and Unlimited

Use the TextBehind app for free and make unlimited money orders.


Get all the necessary information and features related to your profile at the Dashboard. Dashboard basically shows user account summary, personal information, mailing address, etc.

Manage Transactions

Manage your money order transactions from the manage order tab. User can check the status of the transaction and can also check previously made transactions.

Manage Conversations

The features allows user to manage the profile conversations. They can view and check the previous chat from the conversations tab.

App shots

Catch sight of the TextBehind App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

Client's requirement and our solution

As TextBehind is a FREE and UNLIMITED text messaging app, making the services free was the first concern in app development. Along with that, allowing money orders with text messages was also a challenge that iMOBDEV solved. Our client requested that TextBehind must send replies to both smartphone and email which was settled as requested.


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