Blazor vs Angular: Which Web Framework is Right for You?

24 May 2024 7 Min Read
blazor vs angular

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Web development frameworks often act as the spine of web development and the right hand of developers. From speeding up application development, increasing reliability, and simplifying debugging to reducing errors, frameworks offer incomparable solutions under one roof.


Considering all of these factors, if implemented correctly, they can reduce a large percentage of the development cost and effort. Due to its streamlined procedure, creating online apps and websites become much more effortless. However, to attain the right outputs, one must select the right framework.


In this comprehensive guide, you will explore an in-depth comparison between Blazor and Angular frameworks, allowing any developer to select the one that suits their projects the best. Well, Angular has existed among the most preferred frameworks for quite some time now. Companies that hire web developers are often suggested to explore the benefits of these frameworks as per their project requirements.


Today, a growing number of Web Development Companies choose to work with Angular for quick outputs. On the contrary, Blazor is also gaining momentum in the world of web development. However, why a developer would choose Blazor and not Angular? Or when should they use Angular and not Blazor? The following key differences will clarify all your doubts today. Keep scrolling.

Angular: The Outline

Launched back in 2010 by Google, Angular landed as a prevalent JavaScript-backed open-source framework usually implemented to build web apps. Angular is dependent on the design pattern, MVC, which is Model-View-Controller, that helps in separating the application’s behavior and data.


Most businesses prefer to Hire Angular Developers to relish much easier development processes, tests, and maintenance. Therefore, more businesses prefer to settle for AngularJS app development.


The best part about Angular is that it comes with a ready-to-use framework with complete support for MVC/MVVM apps and even several reputed organizations utilize Angular to build web applications. Angular potentially loads applications more rapidly with the help of AOT or the ‘Ahead-of-time compilation’ algorithm.


This is why it has a slightly upper hand in the combat of Angular Vs Blazor. However, this ideology is contradictory and varies based on the unique preferences and opinions of every Web Development Company.

Exceptional Features of Angular

Today, AngularJS development solutions have gained massive popularity and success. Besides its huge demand, there is a certain level of confusion among users when it comes to choosing between them.


For you to get more thorough with your research, take a look at some of the exceptional features of Angular:


  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • MVC Architecture
  • Directives
  • Dependency Injection
  • Modular Architecture
  • Extensibility

Defining Blazor

Microsoft’s open-source Blazor web framework transforms online app development by enabling programmers to use C# rather than just JavaScript. It blends Razor syntax with C# code to enable the client-side development of engaging website experiences.


Blazor is often preferred in the Blazor vs. Angular argument because of its flexibility in aiding the development of web apps that are client-side and server-side. Client-side Blazor apps utilize Web Assembly to run directly in the browser, however, server-side Blazor applications are processed on the server and then shown to the browser as HTML.


With Blazor, developers can create dynamic and responsive web applications by utilizing their expertise in C# and its related ecosystem. Several functionalities have become available to them, including event handling, routing, data binding, component-driven design, and dependency injection.

Unique Features of Blazor Framework

Blazor is another popular framework developed by Microsoft. Blazor framework delivers several features for creating interactive web apps utilizing C# and .Net. Here are some extraordinary features that give Blazor an upper hand in Blazor vs Angular comparison.


  • Features
  • Razor Syntax
  • Security
  • Routing
  • Integration with the.NET Ecosystem
  • Component-Based Architecture
  • Event Handling

Angular Vs Blazor: A Thorough Comparison

Now that you have gained some idea of the basics of Angular and Blazor, it is time to take a more profound look at the following comparisons:

1. Language & Syntax

Blazor allows developers to write both server-side and client-side code utilizing C# as well as Razor syntax. On the other hand, Angular primarily implements Typescript which is a superset of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for designing web apps.


You can consider Blazor ideal for full-stack development with a single language.

2. Performance

When it comes to performance, because of larger Web Assembly files, Blazor’s client-side version loads comparatively slower in the initial stage. The server-side version of Blazor loads more quickly but might experience interaction latency.


On the other hand, the fast loading speed and responsive application, backed with effective rendering features, are surefire due to Angular’s advanced AOT compilation.

3. Platform Support

Blazor is a supporter of the major web browsers with WebAssembly abilities. The framework is designed specifically to design hybrid desktop applications. In this process, mostly the technology of Electron is implemented.


In contrast, Angular comes with broader platform support. It can be utilized to build native and web mobile apps utilizing frameworks such as NativeScript or Ionic.

4. Architecture

Blazor abides by a component-centric architecture, where the UI is designed with the help of reusable components. When you choose to work with a Blazor Development Company for your project, you will receive support from two hosting models, which include,


  1. server-side
  2. client-side

In comparison, Angular follows a component-based architecture, with components serving as the building blocks of the application. So, if you are willing to go with the Angular framework, it is a wise approach to work with a leading AngularJS Development Company that can assist you thoroughly with your project.

5. Coding Time

Compared to Angular, Blazor provides a speedy development and debugging procedure. Blazor’s use of Visual Studio and its high-end toolkit and module library leverage massive advantages. As a result, Microsoft Blazor is the ideal framework for individuals who value effective troubleshooting and quick turnaround times. If speed is a priority in integrating CI/CD builds, Blazor can be the best bet for you.

Angular Vs Blazor: Which One to Choose?

It is quite evident from this that Angular and Blazor are open sources and both act as robust development frameworks. The primary goal of the frameworks is to solve the challenges undergone by the community of front-end development.


In comparison with Angular, the Blazor framework is moderately powerful and more flexible. On the other hand, you can also settle for Angular development solutions if you are in search of reasonable web app development support.

The bottom Line

Whether you choose to hire Blazor developers or settle for an Angular development agency, the key is to consider different factors and see if they can accommodate your project needs. In brief, the factors will often include team expertise, project requirements, and project needs.


The decision between Angular and Blazor ultimately boils down to the specific requirements of your project and the experience level of your development team. Whichever is the option, collaborating with a reliable and skilled development firm can ensure the successful implementation of your web application.


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