What Is Shopify B2B Wholesale? Benefits and How To Get Started?

20 May 2024 7 Min Read

Shopify’s B2B platform enables businesses to conduct bulk transactions online. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and offer advice on how to start the process. Read this article before you reach out to the Ecommerce Web Development Services for your Shopify shop.


A recent study said that the wholesale e-commerce industry is huge, totaling $9.2 trillion in 2023 alone. This showcases the rapid growth of the wholesale industry. This article will serve you as a helping guide in your search for Shopify Development Services.

What exactly constitutes B2B wholesale E-commerce?

Essentially, it occurs when firms use Internet platforms to acquire and sell large quantities of items or services. This sort of E-commerce is mostly concerned with transactions between firms.
It is intended primarily for B2B transactions. Put, when one business sells things to another at a reduced price, usually in huge numbers,

Here are a few B2B e-commerce platform

  • Alibaba
  • Amazon Business
  • Shopify Plus.

These platforms offer organizations the essential infrastructure and tools to conduct wholesale transactions through the Internet. This includes processing orders, organizing product catalogs, and fulfilling them.

For instance, a garment manufacturer may use Shopify Plus to distribute big batches of goods to retailers, but an electronic distributor could utilize Amazon Business to purchase products in quantity from suppliers.

How does wholesale B2B work?

The well-known type of wholesale is between producers and retailers. However, few wholesalers sell to other wholesalers like Cosco. Wholesaler B2B works as a platform where businesses sell products or services to other businesses instead of individual consumers. Let’s break down how it works:

Bulk Ordering:

Business owners can get bulk orders at affordable rates. This is often based on negotiated terms like quantity, pricing, and delivery schedules. These orders are larger in volume compared to retail transactions.

Pricing and Negotiation:

Business purchasers benefit from wholesalers’ discounted rates. That allows them to purchase objects at a lower cost per unit than retail prices. These rates may vary based on the quantity of orders, frequency, and payment methods.

Transaction Processing:

After the order is placed, wholesalers process the transaction. In this transaction invoicing, payment processing, and order fulfillment are involved. Wholesalers have to handle logistics problems like packaging, shipping, and delivery to the buyer’s location.

Delivery and Distribution:

Wholesalers manage the transportation of goods to the buyer’s location or a specified destination. As per the agreement, purchasers can either collect the products personally or use the wholesaler’s or third-party logistics providers’ delivery services.

Account Management:

Wholesalers have to maintain good ongoing relationships with their business buyers. The friendly relationship will result in providing support, and assistance, and addressing any issues or concerns that may arise. Also, wholesalers have to handle returns, exchanges, or resolving any product-related issues.


  • A cloth manufacturer distributes huge amounts of garments to a retail chain store. And the retail chain resells them to consumers.
  • A food distributor provides food and supplies to restaurants, coffee shops, and catering businesses.
  • An electronics reseller supplies computer components to an IT service provider for assembly and installation in office settings.
  • A chemical supplier provides raw materials to manufacturers for use in various industrial products.

In essence, B2B wholesaler transactions promote the exchange of goods and services between firms. This allows them to obtain big quantities of the things they require at affordable costs to support their operations and satisfy their clients.

Benefits of Wholesale for Shopify Store Owners

Greater Revenue

Having wholesale options may drastically boost your sales results. Selling to retailers is a great way to reach a wide pool of customers. As the retailers usually make large purchases, higher revenue for your company is promised.

Drawing New Customers

Wholesale partnerships support to draw customers for your business. When retailers purchase your products, they introduce them to their present client base. If these customers like your products, they may become loyal supporters of your brand.

Maximizing Your Profits

Even though wholesale products are normally sold at lower prices, they can suggestively increase your company’s profit. Wholesale orders frequently exceed individual transactions in size; therefore each sale earns a bigger profit margin.

Improving Inventory Management Efficiency

Engagement with merchants can help you streamline your inventory management processes. Instead of managing multiple individual orders, fulfilling larger orders for merchants improves efficiency, and saves time and resources.

How to get started in Shopify B2B wholesale

Now that you realize what is B2B wholesale and the benefits, it’s the right time to start your own. Setting up a wholesale store on Shopify is simple and can be done in three different ways:

Suggest Discounts To Wholesale Customers

A feature that distinguishes wholesale internet retailers from B2C outlets is their cost strategy. Wholesale retailers often offer products at low prices for bulk orders. This feature can be implemented in your Shopify store by providing discounts based on order quantity.

Shopify allows store owners to set discount rules based on product quantities. This Shopify feature makes it easy to create a Shopify wholesale storefront. You can set up quantity-based discounts for wholesale customer groups directly in the Shopify admin panel.

On the other hand, you can create discount codes and send them to wholesale clients to provide customized discounts.

Get a Shopify Plus membership

  1. Customized pricing and payment options for certain consumer groups
  2. Customer creation capabilities based on geographical location
  3. The integrated verification process for wholesale customers before product access
  4. Improved back-office processes using Shopify Flow automation
  5. Easy management, even with a huge customer base

However, the only downside of Shopify Plus is a monthly subscription fee that starts at $2,000, making it suited for larger businesses.
Smaller businesses looking to grow may find Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify more suitable, but they don’t have the sophisticated features of Shopify Plus.

How a Shopify Development Company can help

Hire a Shopify specialist or E-Commerce Development Company to customize your online Shopify store for B2B and wholesale orders. Recruiting experienced assistance to convert your ordinary Shopify site into a B2B and wholesale-friendly platform delivers quite a lot of advantages. These dedicated individuals can adjust your store to meet B2B needs, including:

  • Executing separate login screens for usual and wholesale customers
  • Creating personalized pricing lists and product bundles for each customer group
  • offering discounts and promotions for bulk purchases.

ECommerce Software Solutions Company can also change tax and other settings to fit worldwide clients. Shopify professionals can easily turn your conventional store into a B2B platform by improving the customer experience and streamlining interactions.

In simple words, having a Custom Shopify Development Company provides comprehensive solutions for converting your Shopify site into a B2B wholesale destination.


In conclusion, Shopify B2B wholesale permits businesses to streamline their wholesale processes while also growing their customer base. Businesses that have Shopify’s B2B capabilities and adopt successful strategies of their Custom E-Commerce Development Company can stay ahead in today’s competitive market environment.


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