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About StudioBookings

StudioBookings is a premier health and fitness platform that delivers fair and contract-free studio booking costs beginning at $25. Their software is already accessible as an app solution and has now been used by over 7,000 studios. StudioBookings was founded with the purpose of simplifying studio operations, organizing courses digitally, and providing quick member logins, numerous payment channels, and email notifications for maximum consumer convenience. They provide a variety of capabilities for promoting health reminders, creating comprehensive reports, collecting data, and managing client relationships. StudioBookings and iMOBDEV Technologies partnered together to craft a promising web solution for amplifying their user experience.

Standard Features List


Enabled users to quickly book online classes, browse studio, and explore waitlists on full sessions, making it convenient and accessible for all. Users can also purchase passes for online classes with quick transactions and generate profitable revenues.

Account Management

Separate account logins and pages for clients, staff, and administrators alike. We developed personalized login to ensure secure access to respective features, information, and policies.

Coupons and Reminders

Our team built a promotional code feature to emphasize savings and current promotions, as well as a platform for trainers to provide class comments and health tips. This improved user retention and involvement and promoted candid discussion.

Waiver & Sharing

Enable integrated functionality for waiving additional online liabilities for clients. This helped in diminishing paperwork, digitally signing of waivers, and streamlining overall registration.

Parent-to-Child Sharing Feature

Integrated a parent-to-child sharing feature specifically dedicated to families working out around different schedules. This helped them manage their children's classes, bookings, slots, and purchases.

SMS and Attendance

Admins got access to integrated reporting for tracking profits, client attendance, and other KPIs, for insightful business management. Users can also experiment with free SMS facilities for clients for better engagements.

Web Shots

Wondering how our StudioBookings project looks in reality. Here’s a sneak peek at our website below for you.


Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

StudioBookings came to us with a vision of curating an easy-to-use and reasonably priced booking portal that caters to their fitness and wellness studio audience. Currently, they are operating with the help of well-established iOS and Android apps but lack some poignant features or face issues like hefty class pricing, complicated waivers, and others. The main aim here remained to bridge the gap between clients and studios by rendering a feature-loaded website with no hidden charges for complete transparency. iMOBDEV developed a comprehensive website, highlighting every possible feature for streamlined studio management. We enabled features such as simplified bookings, multi-level access control, dedicated logins, and cross-platform accessibility, in addition to family-friendly features. Our team also added financial management tools to track revenues and generate attendance records conveniently. This helped in an optimized scheduling structure in addition to getting notified via emails and free SMSes.


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