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Spot the Animals

About Spot the Animals

Spot the Animals is a holistic mobile app developed by iMobDev Technologies as an innovative solution for wildlife enthusiasts. This app is curated for people who love to explore the natural world but are afraid of plausible wildlife scares, lack of awareness, and safety. Spot the Animals provides real-time information about every possible animal in the world, present near you, or even in front of you. This app will also help you navigate your outdoor environment by improving your exploration skills, educating you about wildlife habitats, discovering hidden animals near your vicinity, and helping you stay alert while traveling.

Standard Features List

Wildlife Database

Integrated comprehensive wildlife data encompassing their habitats, relevant factoids, and geographical distribution details.

GPS-based Animal Tracking

Enabled an in-built GPS map to help users identify any locale and search for animals in their vicinity. The software on this platform offers real-time information about closeby animals, along with other vital details like type of species, origin region, and distance from the user's current position.

Filtering and Live View

Users can now customize their searches by adding advanced filters and adding live views all inside the app. This will help in enhancing accuracy and maintaining relevance in search results.

Photo Upload and Identification

This feature allows users to capture and upload images of animals they find or want to learn about. It then identifies the animals and displays proper information on that animal, like its origin, type of species, global distribution, and habitat.

Social Login & Community

Enabled multiple login integrations such as profile, phone number, email, and social media such as Facebook to add more convenience. This lets the app be open for future-proofing and developing a user community base for knowledge sharing.

Safety Features

Spot the Animals was also created as a safety app for outdoor enthusiasts to keep them aware of unexpected animal encounters, stay safe from attacks, safety tips, and other precautionary measures.

App Shots

Check out some of the preview shots of our app Spot the Animal and have a glimpse of it yourself.

a wildlife app
a wildlife app
a wildlife app
a wildlife app

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

The client came to iMOBDEV Technologies with a vision to develop an intuitive and engaging mobile app that could specifically target the niche audience of wildlife wanders and outdoor adventurers. Hence, the development of Spot the Animals began. The app was crafted by divulging a distinct combination of education, exploration, and awareness for anybody traveling outdoors. Our client wanted to implement GPS, inbuilt maps, capture and enable image recognition in addition to creating a database filled with information about diverse ecosystems and wildlife species. iMOBDEV Technologies collaborated with the client and developed the optimal app using cutting-edge technologies and best practices that led to a feature-rich solution exceeding all of the clients' expectations. The app consisted of advanced search filters, previewing old searches, and enjoy live animal tracking.


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