Indian Medical Network – Social Network Mobile Application for Health Professionals

Indian Medical Network

About Indian Medical Network

Indian Medical Network is a mobile application that allows doctors and medical professionals to stay connected with each other. It allows users to share insightful posts, add each other to their network, message each other, like and comment on the posts, reshare them, and more.

Standard Features List


Medical professionals can create posts containing images, videos, articles, audio, and more sharing industry insights.


Users can view, like, comment, and share the posts of their friends with other users by browsing through the details like username, profile picture, post details, and more.

Post Details

Users can view certain posts along with the details such as profile picture, username, image, caption, number of likes, comments, and more.


Users can view their inboxes along with the list of users, usernames, profile pictures, messages they have sent, and more. Users can even search for a specific username and send each other direct messages.

App Shots

Catch sight of the Indian Medical Network below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

Indian Medical Network
Indian Medical Network
Indian Medical Network
Indian Medical Network
Indian Medical Network
Indian Medical Network

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

Our client reached out to us with a unique development requirement that can allow medical professionals, students, nurses, doctors, and others to connect with each other and share their knowledge with each other. So, our team of app developers developed a mobile application that can offer a unique user experience to the app users while offering a chance to create informative posts and connect with each other to be better.


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