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About Saever App

About App Saever is precisely a service marketplace for users. Users can search for any service type on Saever. To get results, type any keyword or service that you are looking for. Users will simply get several results from where they can select. In case, the service user looking for is not available in the app, then the user can simply submit the same job request. After doing so, Saever will take your request and help you get the service from local vendors. Users can simply book any product/service they like and then select the time and date as per their preference. Users have numerous options to choose from. They can choose according to the vendor profile, ratings and other users' experience. It allows users to get a clear idea about the vendor and helps get things done as quickly as possible.

Standard Features List

Here are some of the top features in mobile applications that iMOBDEV offers. Get a glimpse of the features below.

Geo-Location Detection

Saever simply detects location using the GPS from the device. By allowing the location, users can ask for services as per their need at the location.

Categorised services

Saever offers the list of services in categories so that users can find and use the relevant services easily.

Service Information

For every service listed in the category, users can simply get the basic information about the service.

Easy to use

The app is very user friendly. Users can simply purchase any services they require from the app. They can choose services according to their location and choose from different service providers to choose from.

Classic Dashboard

At the dashboard, users can simply check their activities and services. They can look for services they have used, requested, etc.

App shots

Catch sight of the Saever App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

Client’s requirement and our solution

The client had some of the specific requirements regarding the app. The client wanted to create a geographically based service offering app so that users can easily get their things done in their area. To make things go, iMOBDEV developed specific APIs so that things might work as requested. Another requirement was that the number of services may be huge, and users might find it hard to find specific services from the list. In solution to that, we categorized the fields and arranged services in order so that it is easy for clients to find and access them.


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