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About Project Give

Project Give is a non-profit organization based out of Northeast Ohio, USA. They focus on empowering women with the help of various initiatives, support, donations, and sponsorships. Project Give connects women in their community by raising funds for charities via social gatherings. Their current model was designed and developed by iMOBDEV, resulting in a user-friendly web platform for potential donors, sponsors, and other people interested in supporting their cause. The website was curated into a pastel theme with added functionalities like donations, sponsorships, events, and the ability to apply for funding. Via this newly established digital presence, Project Give aspires to foster better engagement and community participation in their mission of helping women and making a positive social adaptation.

Standard Features List


Users can explore everything from past and upcoming event announcements to current happenings in addition to gaining access to become a part of their community.


A sleek and organized event section, that includes a step-by-step process of every activity. A creative banner, event name, time, and address, along with a proper sponsor name with a backlink make up for an accurate visual representation.


Learn all about the history of Project Give, from its inception to inspiration. This page was filled with their vision, mission, goals, and their current team members in addition to a contact form for lead generation.


A special page dedicated exclusively to donors where they can donate separately or even become sponsors for specific events and stuff. You can also choose the specific time or event feature for making donations.


We enabled a completely exclusive page for corporate organizations or businesses to become an official sponsor. Users can be listed in 4 categories of sponsorship contribution i.e. diamond, gold, silver, and bronze.


A special page permitted just for nonprofit organizations to connect and interact with each other digitally or via participating in the events. Enjoy other events, photographs, and more on this page.

Web Shots

Here’s a peek at Project Give's website below for you to check out the website's key features.

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

Our client reached out to us with a requirement to create a subtle yet attractive website that captures the overall essence of the organization- Project Give. Their concern was not having a proper organizational structure that separated their donors, sponsors, and events sections in a streamlined manner. So, our team of web developers designed a captivating website and separated each section into their arenas all in one upper taskbar. They also enabled digital donation methods where the users could donate, sponsor, or become a part of specific charities in a convenient manner.


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