Are you a newbie to fishing? Netfish will guide you to when, where and what fish to catch.


About Netfish App

Netfish is specifically for fishers who are new to fishing or are unaware of the details. Netfish guides users thoroughly to spend more time fishing and less time planning. The app uses the data from thousands of sonar devices to predict the best fishing spots to enhance the user's fishing experience. With the advanced algorithm, the app gives you the best fishing spots in the area. Still, confused about what to use as bait? By using the millions of data points data, the app also guides you to what to use as bait and what to not. Next time you plan to go fishing, make sure you have your expert with you.

Standard features list

Solunar forecasting

Solunar forecasting gives you the best times to catch, based on barometric pressure and moon phases.


Earn free gear while doing what you love.

Bait recommendations

Get the best Bair recommendations for top species in lakes based on season, sky condition, water clarity and wind.

Save your data

Log your catches and record where, when and what you caught.

Privacy Matters

Only share what you want. Netfish is the only fishing app that doesn't rely on other user catch information for its fishing spots.

Multiple map options

Get more than one map view options including topographic.

Know the place

Detailed information about waterways including species available, fees, waterway size, depth, hours of operation and nearby facilities.


Enjoy great fishing articles to keep you up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

App shots

Catch sight of the Netfish app below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.


Client’s requirement and our solution

From the beginning, iMOBDEV knew that it was an exceptionally unique app idea. As our user requested, the app must provide the best fishing spots in the area. For that getting and using the sonar devices data accurately was the most important task here. The solunar pressure gives more accurate information which was necessary for the job. The next big thing was recommending the bait for species in the lake according to the season, sky, water clarity and wind data. For maps and routes, there are multiple map options including the topographic map. These were some of the client’s requirements and our solution.


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