Mentor – Social Interaction Mobile Application


About Mentor

Mentor is a mobile application that allows users to get life advice from others. Users can add their questions and queries allowing other users to share their words of wisdom with them. Users can browse through the questions as well along with the details such as views, tags, replies, and more.

Standard Features List


Users can enter their Name, Email Address, and password to create their account.

Ask Questions

Users can ask any question they want providing basic details like questions, descriptions, categories, tags, attachments, location, and more.


Users can browse the questions based on certain categories like recent, unsolved, following, nearby, top questions, and more.


Users can manage their profile along with the details like my questions, my answers,

App Shots

Catch sight of the Mentor below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.


Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

Our client reached out to us with a unique development requirement that can allow users to get accurate advice about their life situation from the community. So, our team of app developers developed a mobile application that can offer a unique user experience to the app users that allows them to post question about their lives and get answers from the fellow users.


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