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letters & numbers

About Letters & Numbers Educational Gaming Application

Letters & Numbers is an educational gaming application that offers fun learning experiences to your toddlers to let them learn about letters and numbers in a fun and interactive manner.

Standard Features List

Letters Activity

Let your toddler know about the language-specific letters in uppercase and lowercase so that they can learn to write them appropriately.

Different Complexity Level

Users can choose an age-appropriate complexity level for their toddler to enhance their understanding of letters and numbers.

Number Activity

Toddlers can learn about the numbers from 0 to 9 getting hints and directions to write them properly with different complexity levels.


Toddlers can get the directions and hints to know and write the letters and numbers if they are complex enough to learn.

App Shots

Catch sight of The Letters & Numbers App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

letters & numbers
letters & numbers
letters & numbers
letters & numbers

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

Nowadays it's hard to find tech-savvy and kid-friendly mobile applications that focus solely on the upbringing of the kids while offering them fun learning lessons. So, the client wanted to develop an application that allows toddlers to learn different letters and numbers in a more innovative manner. So, our app developers created a kid-friendly e-learning gaming application that can keep the toddler or preschool child learning without making it look like learning sessions.


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