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About HummBug

HummBug is an enticing music discovery and trivia application that lets you dive into the world of nostalgia and the hidden gems of the global music industry. Filled with an eclectic blend of music discoveries, random artist trivia challenges, and alluring gameplay. This app caters to music lovers of every age and goes beyond your ordinary music streaming app. HummBug is a dynamic platform devised to reignite your passion for music. It's loaded with an immersive music collection that spans decades of iconic hit music from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s to all your contemporary tracks. HummBug enables you to unearth hidden musical gems along with the shuffle feature, presenting you with an amusing mix of songs from across generations. This loaded app full of fun features is an entertainer for the whole family.

Standard Features List

Login and Profile Control

Enables users to create their own account to track and save their preferences, while getting access to exclusive features within the app.

Streaming with Playback

Enjoy your choice of songs or discover a whole new collection with seamless music streaming infused with playback, repeat, shuffle, and instant break controls. You can also rewind or fast-forward your music for a seamless listening experience.

Theme and Decade-Based Music Discovery

HummBug enables you to deep dive into music exploration by allowing you to search by genre (rock, pop, etc.) or decade (60s, 70s, etc.). Whether you want to explore a particular genre or listen, drive down the lane of nostalgia and get exactly what you're combing for.

Discover and Shuffle

Enable the unique discover feature along with the standard shuffle for random song surprises in between your music listening. Whether you want suggestions on hidden gems and artists or want to rediscover new favorites or forgotten classics from different eras, HummBug has you covered.

User Panel

We created a standard panel for managing personal user accounts as the one-stop shop for all things HummBug. This user panel allows you to manage your profile, and account details, and customize your listening experience, while enjoying features like personal playlists and saved songs.

Admin Panel

Go behind the scenes, with the primary admin panel. Our client could manage the app and update content timely with a robust panel to keep the app refreshed and stimulating. It enables smooth app management, error detection, and user management.

App Shots

Take a look at some of the teaser photos of our app, HummBug, and see for yourself.


Client’s Requirements And Our Solution

Our client approached iMOBDEV Technologies to create a holistic music app that went beyond just music listening. They envisioned a solution that would revive the thrill of discovering music, while also creating an engaging and interactive experience for users. iMOBDEV Technologies fulfilled these needs by developing the full-fledged HummBug app and implementing a plethora of intriguing features. Starting with an intuitive and visually appealing app interface that's easy to navigate. We incorporated best-in-class technologies to ensure clear audio quality and the unique algorithm titillating "Discover" feature for the ultimate music exploration journey. Apart from this, we infused a database filled with engaging trivia challenges like multiple-choice questions and sound recognition-based musical games, along with a robust admin panel. The admin panel not only helped in improving content management and working on app updates, but also improved its performance via user insights.


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