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About Heavy Hunt

Heavy Hunt is a well-known organization that facilitates the purchase and sale of heavy machinery by linking end users with a network of pre-vetted, professional dealers. They foster affordability and transparency, providing sellers with assured all-inclusive pricing while dismissing hidden costs and hefty commissions. Their goal goes beyond cost deductions; they want to curate an efficient and dependable process for everyone involved. Heavy Hunt is involved in the construction, agricultural, mining, oil & gas, and forestry sectors. They wanted a user-friendly and informative website for their users that also informed them about their services.

Standard Features List

User-Friendly Interface

Crafted a clean and easy-to-navigate design that allowed users to explore all machinery rental options, sales, and parts, in addition to seamless dealer connectivity.

Dealer Network Integration

Enabled a secure platform for verified and other insured heavy equipment dealers to conveniently list their products, and add specifications and precise contact information. We also added a search filter for categorizing as per locations, availability, and industry.

Transparent Pricing

Enabled a dedicated section on the website outlining an all-inclusive pricing system for sellers while eliminating hidden fee calculation errors or even high commissions.

Responsive Design

We created the website by utilizing responsive design concepts that resulted in an excellent user experience. This was compatible across PCs, tablets, and smartphones, thrilling customers on the go.

Web Shots

Catch a preview of the Heavy Hunt website below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

Heavy Hunt
Heavy Hunt
Heavy Hunt
Heavy Hunt

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

The construction industry is a tough yet heavily competitive field in the world of manufacturing. Our client reached out to us with a unique website development requirement that allowed users to get a grasp of Heavy Hunt's unique offerings. They also wanted to renew their digital presence, increase visibility, and streamline their user-dealer journey. Hence, our team of web developers designed and developed an intuitive website that helped them attract a broader audience of equipment dealers. The website's professional design solidified the brand's reputation and gave it the credibility of a trustworthy facilitator. We also enabled CMS to enhance some content marketing, which also helped them uncover industry insights and generate organic traffic.


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