Great Trivia Big Quiz – A Gaming Application

great trivia big quiz

About Great Trivia Gaming Application

Great Trivia Big Quiz is a digital card-based quiz gaming application that users can play with their friends and families. Get ready to have question-and-answer rounds about Rock & pop, Science and nature, People, Places, Sports, and more.

Standard Features List

Difficulty Level

Users can choose the different difficulty levels from easy, medium, and hard to enhance their level of general knowledge and enjoy fun gaming sessions with friends and family.

Digital Card Mode

Through the adoption of a classic version of the card-based Trivia Quiz; users can get the same classic gaming experience with the digital cards.

General Knowledge Enhancement

Users can enhance their general knowledge about diverse topics such as Rock and pop, Science & nature, people & places, Sports, Books, film & TV, and more by answering the questions based on their preferred categories.

Up to Date Content

Being a digital adoption of a classic quiz gaming application, the game content and knowledge stay updated with any effective changes with the advancement of time to ensure an enhanced user experience.

App Shots

Catch sight of The Great Trivia Big Quiz App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

great trivia big quiz
great trivia big quiz
great trivia big quiz
great trivia big quiz
great trivia big quiz
great trivia big quiz

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

Finding a way to enhance the basic general knowledge about multiple sectors all at once is not as easy as it sounds. So, the client wanted to develop an iPhone application that allows the users to attend the quiz and enhance to knowledge through their mobile phones. Considering every bit of their requirements, our team of developers developed a mobile application offering all the mentioned features along with a digital card mode that they can play with their friends and families.


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