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family development foundation

About Family Development Foundation Mobile Application

Family Foundation is a mobile application that allows users to take a step forward toward sustainable social development of a conscious family and a cohesive society based in the UAE to get accurate information and resources related to family development, health, well-being, and more.

Standard Features List

Service Manual

Users can find and select their preferred service from the list of integrated welfare, parenting skills, childhood and youth development, women's skills and abilities, and more to enroll themselves in the program.


Users can get different e-services and get their tasks done with ease by following the clear instructions provided by the family development foundation.

Tenders & Auctions

Users can get accurate information about upcoming tenders and auctions to participate in them following the clearly mentioned instructions.

Open Data

Users can view the open data, statistics, publications, sustainability, and other data to get accurate facts and more about the achievements and growth of the family development foundation.

App Shots

Catch sight of The Family Development Foundation App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

family development foundation
family development foundation
family development foundation
family development foundation
family development foundation
family development foundation

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

A UAE-based client reached out to us with the goal of developing a community development mobile application that can help families enhance their stability by communicating with each other. Considering every bit of the development requirements, our team of app developers developed a mobile application that offers an enhanced user experience to users offering the easily browsable list of programs, services, technical and media channel information, and more that can help the new contributors build a love and respect-based healthy family, believing in the importance of preserving values and safeguarding principles, and conveying the same honestly to the new generations to be their immune fortress, and their shield against any dangers that might face them in the future.


Awards & Recognition

Recognition We Have Got Throughout These Years

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