Excome – Finance Tracking Mobile Application

finance tracking mobile application

About Excome Mobile Application

Excome is a mobile application that allows users to track their expenses, transactions, budgets, and more for more than one account. It allows the users to add different accounts, and add their expenses, budgets, payment reminders, and more.

Standard Features List

Account Management

Users can add, edit, delete, and manage different accounts along with the name, balance, date, account type, and more where users can check their positive and negative balances.


Users can get accurate statistics for their accounts based on their transactions, budgets, expenses, and more.


Users can personalize the functioning of the mobile application based on their preferences choosing different currencies, managing accounts, managing categories, taking backups, and more.

Transaction Management

Users can add, edit, delete, schedule, and manage their transactions by selecting expenses and income based on the category, amount, transaction, descriptions, reminders, and more for their transactions.

App Shots

Catch sight of The Excome App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

finance tracking mobile application
finance tracking mobile application
finance tracking mobile application
finance tracking mobile application
finance tracking mobile application
finance tracking mobile application

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

When it comes to managing income and expenses the unlimited transactions make it difficult for us to keep track of our money. So the client wanted to develop an application that allows users to manage their transactions, and schedule their upcoming transactions so that they don't have to worry about missing the due dates. Considering every bit of the development requirements, our team of developers developed a mobile application offering all the mentioned features along with allowing the users to get detailed statics and keep track of their multiple bank accounts.


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