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About Andover College Prep Educational Mobile Application

Andover College Prep mobile application helps students to prepare for their SAT examinations offering honors and AP classes. The application allows users to take the dummy test and get the score before appearing for the actual examinations.

Standard Features List


Students can enroll themselves on the platform and take the test for different subjects following strict guidelines, tips, and more in a defined timeframe.


Students can get their test results along with the details such as the total number of correct answers, wrong answers, skipped questions, total exam time frame, exam date, and more based on different subjects.


Students can get different in-app reminders for their examinations, seminars, and more based on different categories.

App shots

Catch sight of The Andover College Prep App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

Client’s Requirement And Our Solution

No matter which examination it can be, accurate lessons can help the students to ace every one of them. So, our client wanted to develop an e-learning application that can help students to prepare for their SAT examination. Keeping everything the client asked for, our team of app developers made a mobile application that allows students to attend different seminars, take mock exams get test results, and prepare for their actual tests.


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