Top 6 things startups need to consider in 2023

17 January 2023 7 Min Read

Starting a business today is not a tough job today. Starting a business and taking it to new heights have their own differences. There are various startups out there that are struggling currently just in months of their starting.

Whether you own your own business or are thinking about starting your own startup here are the top 6 things businesses need to consider in order to make their business a success.Top

6 Things a Successful Startup Needs

Cashless Transaction

Nowadays, cash transactions are becoming less and less day by day. People prefer digital transactions over physical engagements. For any business, cashless transactions must be available for customers. Customers must get enough options for cashless or online transactions. For instance, customers must be able to pay using,

  • UPI
  • Mobile wallets
  • Micro ATMs
  • Internet Banking

For mobile wallets, customers must be able to pay using scan-and-pay too. This is a must for businesses nowadays.

Web Application or Website

Whenever it comes to a new product or service, people always go looking for it online. People search for it online and specifically go through the company’s website. Going digital is a must today.

By having a website for your business you can simply inform people about your work, services, and solutions you provide. Businesses can simply use graphical structures, images, videos and infographics to deliver specific information on the subject. Having a website basically allows customers to communicate easily with the business. Businesses can easily engage with their respective clients and build trust in between.

By developing the usual pages like, home, about us, contact us, etc. you can simply allow customers to get the basic information about your business and services.

Despite having a website, a custom web application is also a necessity for businesses today. A web application allows you to simply manage your customers, business and activities from anywhere using only the internet. The admin can simply manage the services, products, clients, employees and everything. This is one of the great advantages of web applications which makes it a necessity.

Mobile Application

Running a business in today’s digital world, a mobile application is the best way to engage with the customers. The competition for serving the clients is getting better day by day. The companies look for ways how easily and greatly they can serve their customers and that is where the mobile application comes in. A mobile application allows you to be continuously in touch with the clients and create your online presence much better. Mobile app development may seem like a hassle but it is one of the great assets a company can invest in today.

Developing an extremely engaging and competitive mobile application is not an easy task today. To develop perfect mobile applications for your business, hire one of the top mobile app developers who will dedicatedly help you develop the crystal clear app for your app. Having a mobile application allows businesses to deliver information to the clients more easily. Despite having a website, a mobile application allows business to deliver the information more fluently and easily. A mobile application allows you to deliver the best experience possible and create a firm brand image.

Digital Marketing

Most businesses go for traditional marketing strategies to advertise and market their product or service. From the ages businesses used traditional marketing strategies and got expected results too. But today with the update in technology, Digital marketing is the new best marketing strategy for businesses.

Despite the cons of traditional marketing such as, too costly, no changes option, less effective, etc digital marketing has its own pros and gives the proven results.

To begin with, Digital marketing is very affordable. When it comes to costs the cost is cut into half compared to traditional marketing. Specific prices may vary based on some aspects but it is definitely more cost effective than the traditional marketing.

As digital marketing uses internet and internet based devices to connect with people and market the services, there is no boundary to the audience. Nowadays, people spend most of their time using smartphones. Using this fact digital marketing can help you reach your target audience much effectively and easily.

Work from home for employees

During the pandemic, everyone was bound to close the shutters and work from their personal work space. There were times when employees may have found it hectic but in no time employees started enjoying the situation and a huge growth in the employee’s productivity was seen in companies.

Now as the situations are settling down, companies have started going offline and working from the office. Companies should allow work from home to their employees who are willing to work as such. Because the aim behind calling the employees to the office is to make them focus on the work and boost their productivity. But if the employee feels great being home and wants to continue this way then companies should definitely allow this.

Safety concerns

As covid has left a great fear among the people for their health, employees feel a little feared inside when thinking about getting back to the workplace or offices. Employees have such fear that they may not be able to focus properly or their work m8ght not be productive. This might seem a little issue but it is not. Individuals being scared and not being able to focus may lead to performance breakout. Eventually company may experience a huge loss under different firms.

To avoid such issues, businesses should make their workplace clean, hygiene and secure. To build the trust between employees that their workplace is safe and secure businesses can follow such measures :

  • Invest into necessary contactless technologies
  • Reduce occupancy
  • Use automated health verification systems
  • Create a safe infrastructure
  • Prefer cleanliness
  • Regular sanitization in the office


These were some of the important and necessary measures that a startup or business needs to follow in 2022.

By following such measures they can simply avoid the most basic mistakes and will get a head start at the beginning. There are several times when businesses may find it difficult to build a roadmap or get stuck in between their startup journey. At iMOBDEV Technologies, we are dedicated to work for new businesses and startups. Be it a website development issue or a bug in your mobile application we will definitely help you along to get it done. For more details, contact us one of our customer executive will definitely help you.



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