Steps for developing a perfect mobile application.

25 May 2022 7 Min Read

Today having a mobile app is not a big deal. Almost every company or business today owns a mobile application and web application for their business. Be it a service delivery app or information delivery app, mobile application is a must for any business.

Besides having a mobile app, more important is to have a successful mobile app. An app that is engaging, user friendly, rich in features, and most importantly secure are some things that make a mobile app perfect. But there is always a process behind something that is rare and perfect. Just like that, it is necessary to follow the steps for the mobile app development process to build a perfect mobile application.

Being a top web and mobile application developer, we at iMOBDEV Technologies have developed more than 1500+ mobile apps for our clients in 50+ countries. That means basically we know and we have the process that definitely creates the perfect mobile app for our clients.


When it comes to developing a mobile app there is always a flood of questions. What, when, why, how, etc. Today, we will discuss steps for the mobile app development process that helps in building a perfect mobile app solution. So just be patient and follow this article.

Project requirement discussion

Before you begin, just clear your mind and write down your requirements. This initial stage of the mobile app development process is all about discussing and clearing out the doubts. At this step, we will discuss and decide all the things. We can have a sweet, short call to decide how we can take your project idea further.

What do we need from you?

Being our client, we want the basics from you. Just, like what kind of application you are expecting, what is your timeline, what is your exact budget, etc. To assist you better, we expect you to tell us every single detail about your budget. The sole aim behind the first step is just to gather the information to guide you much better.


After the first meeting, we will have a start off meeting. After the consultation, in this meeting we will decide the team members. The team which will work under your project. Also, we will provide some recommendations or suggestions for your application. Our QA starts working early for your application. Creating test cases and all just to create and follow the development process.

Creating the test cases allows us to boost the process by 20%. Also, we will discuss your budget and cost of the development.

Signing NDA

Once we have discussed the insights and budget, the next step in our process is to sign an NDA for your project. If you are happy with our idea and looking forward to working with us, then we can finalise the deal by signing the agreement.

You must think why NDA? The main aim by signing an NDA is to make you believe. Believe that we are genuine and we believe in you. The NDA is to make sure that your idea is safe with iMOBDEV.

Wireframing the app

Wireframing is one of the most crucial and important steps in the mobile app development process. The first question that arises once the project requirement and methods are decided is how much will it take to design and develop the application.

Designing is one of the most important parts in a mobile app development process.

Why is wireframing important?

Wireframing gives clarity. For instance, you are thinking about adding a chat feature in the app but there are different chat types to add chat options. It is better to decide and note one down.

UI/UX design

Before starting to design your application, our team will reach out to you to know your preferences about the design of your application. Few questions may also be asked like your Colour preferences, fonts, similar apps etc.

Our highly creative designers will start working on the design of your mobile application so that we can deliver you the best, unique, interactive and user-friendly application design.

What will we deliver through this step?

In this step we will give you samples for app icon, splash screen,  log in, or sign-up form, the home page. We prepare two UI/UX choices for you. Once we have delivered you the samples, then we will wait for your call on it. Any changes or feedback is welcomed and your preference will be prioritised.

Application Development

Once the designs for your application are decided, then our developers start working on the app. Our project manager will divide the according tasks between developers and guide them thoroughly.

We will definitely ask you for your choice for development technology and suggest you accordingly. Once the technology is also decided then we start working on the app.

Our highly experienced developers work on the application to develop the best available solution for your business.

QA testing

Developing an application is not enough. Having a perfect (bugless) application is a must. For this step in mobile app development process, we test your app thoroughly.

Testing an application allows developing a qualitative app solution. Our team of testers will test every aspect of the application so that there is no loopholes left behind that might hurt you.

For tracking the process of mobile app testing, our QA team will send you updates accordingly to keep you updated.

Launching the application

The final step is to publish the app on the market. Don’t worry, leave it to us too. We will publish your app on the market for Android or Apple. For launching the app on the market, we simply need the developer account credentials from your end.

Just feel free and leave everything to us. Once you are with iMOBDEV, you are at home.

Post production support

We believe in relations better than businesses. At iMOBDEV, we always look forward to building long term relations with our clients and we achieve that with our after sales services.

Updating your app is important. Every app requires continuous updates for new features and technological updates.


We hope that by this information we have cleared all of your questions regarding the development process at iMOBDEV. Today almost every business requires a business mobile app as it has become a necessity.

At iMOBDEV, we believe in serving the best. But still if you are human you will make mistakes and our experience has made us learn how to correct them accordingly.

Contact us for any Mobile or Web app development query.



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