How to Create a Social Media App Like MeWe?

29 February 2024 6 Min Read
Social Media App Like MeWe

MeWe and other platforms have spurred a renewed interest in developing social networks that put user privacy and a more authentic online experience first. MeWe stands out because it provides users with a platform that supports data ownership, privacy, and the absence of advertisements. MeWe was launched in 2012.


If you’re thinking about creating a social media app similar to MeWe, this guide will take you through all the necessary steps, from planning to implementation, to make sure your social platform not only satisfies user privacy requirements today but also offers a novel alternative in the ever-evolving world of social networking.

How MeWe start?

Mark Weinstein, an internet entrepreneur, started MeWe in 2012 to make a social media network that puts user privacy first. He wanted people to have a space to connect and share without giving up their privacy. Weinstein noticed that other social networks were too invasive, relying heavily on data mining and targeted ads. So, he created MeWe to offer a more genuine online experience where users have more control over their personal information.


Weinstein created MeWe to provide a welcome substitute for the established social media behemoths, all while allowing users to interact, create groups, and communicate without worrying about being followed or having their information misused. The fundamental tenets of the platform stressed user sovereignty over their information and emphasized a more private and secure social networking environment.

How Does MeWe Generate Revenue?

MeWe is a social media software that can be downloaded for free and offers a plethora of appealing features to its users, including voice messaging, disappearing material, newsfeeds, personal cloud storage, personalized group profiles, and much more. Although MeWe is a free software, users have the opportunity to purchase many optional improvements.


These include extra storage options (with 8GB provided for free and an additional 50GB available at $3.99/month), Dark Mode and other overlays starting at $1.99, custom emojis and stickers starting at $0.99/pack, live voice and video calling at $1.99/month, exclusive MeWe Journals at $1.99/month, and MeWe Pages at $1.99/month. Users also have the option to upgrade to MeWe Premium for $4.99/month, unlocking the best premium features.


MeWe introduces another revenue stream through its sister division, MeWePro, which caters specifically to business customers. Positioned as a competitor to platforms like Slack, MeWePro offers an integrated suite of collaboration tools and enhanced security. Priced at less than $75 per employee per year, MeWePro enhances communication and collaboration within projects or organizations. Notably, educational and nonprofit organizations can use this service for free. With a variety of revenue streams, MeWe can provide its customers a feature-rich and free experience, as well as business-focused services and optional premium features for those who want to improve their MeWe experience.

How to Create a Social Media App Similar to MineWe

Define Your Unique Value Proposition:

Clearly state the features that set your social media app apart. Users searching for something different from mainstream platforms will be drawn to platforms with a unique value proposition, whether it be through an emphasis on privacy, ad-free experiences, or cutting-edge technologies.

Plan Your Features and Functionality:

Sketch out the features and functionality of your app. Consider elements like secure messaging, customizable profiles, disappearing content, and user-friendly interfaces. Learn from the success of platforms like MeWe but also introduce unique aspects that make your app stand out.

Pick the Right Technology Stack:

Choose a dependable stack of technologies for the development of your app. Ensure that your platform can accommodate the anticipated user base and is scalable and responsive. Your social networking app needs to have a solid technological foundation if you want it to succeed over time.

App Development:

Hire Android Developers or app development companies to execute your concept. To give your users confidence, concentrate on developing a flawless user experience, a responsive design, and strong security features.

Security and Privacy Measures:

Give user privacy and data security a priority. To make sure your users feel comfortable using your platform, implement strict data protection procedures, secure user authentication, and end-to-end encryption.

Monetization Strategies:

Study several revenue techniques to keep your app running. If in line with your users’ tastes, take into account possibilities like in-app purchases for exclusive content, premium memberships for improved functionality, and collaborations with companies for targeted advertising.

User-Friendly Interface:

Make an aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly interface. Consider user feedback while making iterative design adjustments to enhance the overall user experience. A user interface that is simple to use promotes user engagement and retention.

Beta Testing:

Carry out comprehensive beta testing with a chosen user base. Before the formal launch, get user feedback, find bugs, and make the required changes. To guarantee a seamless user experience, this step is essential.

Launch and Marketing:

Organize a well-thought-out social media app launch. Make use of social networking sites, partnerships, and digital marketing channels to draw in and raise awareness of your target demographic. An effective marketing plan can have a big impact on how well your software performs.

Constant Improvement:

Update your app frequently in response to user comments and new trends. Continue to be flexible and nimble, adding new features and quickly resolving problems. The continuation of this process of upgrading is essential to preserving platform relevance and user pleasure.

What It Costs To Create An App For A Social Network Like MeWe

A few important things to think about while estimating the cost of developing a social media app similar to MeWe are as follows:

  • Type of App
  • Development Team
  • Location of Development
  • App Design:
  • Q/A Testing & Maintenance

Generally speaking, between $25,000 and $30,000 will be spent on creating a simple app for a single platform. More complex software with a multi-platform, intricate design might cost anything from $50,000 to $60,000.

To bring your app idea to life, it’s best to get in contact with a trustworthy social media app development company that employs knowledgeable developers.


Creating a social media app like MeWe involves defining your app’s features, assembling a skilled development team, deciding on design complexity, and planning for testing and maintenance. Estimate your costs based on the app’s complexity and platform reach. Get in touch with a reputable app development company to realize your idea. You may lay the groundwork for creating a social networking app that is in line with your vision by following these steps.


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