Top 5 Must-Have Features for Successful Mobile App in 2023

23 February 2023 5 Min Read

Easygoing and straightforward user interface

Any mobile application user looks for an easy-to-use user interface. A hard-to-access and engage UI may not please the people. Keeping this in mind, developers must make sure that the UI is user-friendly.

Having an easy UI means that whenever the user engages with the app, the interface must load in no time. People do not like to wait, which might badly hurt the developers. As soon as the user engages with the app, they must love it.

An easy UI refers to that anyone without prior knowledge of complex use mobile devices must use the app easily.

Developing an easy UI also helps in development. Developing a complex UI might take more than usual, and the development might also get more complex. An easy and simple UI will render quickly, eventually improving the app’s performance.

Easy Registration or Login page

Most of the applications today have sign-up/in features. And having one is also necessary. Applications offer registrations using mobile no, email, etc. But the point is to offer an essential and straightforward registration feature. Many times people find it very inconvenient to register.

So offering a simple registration and login feature is a must today. To do so, stick to the basics like name, number, email, etc.


User Security should be the first concern for any organization. Today, the world is filled with cyber thefts and cyber issues; customer information security is essential.

With internet security being the most important, developers must ensure that user information is safe. Hackers or crackers may steal user data like credit card details, debit card details, personal information, etc.

To make sure your user’s information is safe, develop a secure app. Clear all the bugs and loopholes the app might contain to make your app secure. To do so, test your app to the fullest, leave no extent untouched only then can your goal be achieved. 

User Payment 

Nowadays, many applications are based on product or service selling. People today want to get everything just by sitting at home. The root of the spike in on-demand applications is mainly why people prefer online over going or visiting shops physically.

Due to the pandemic, many businesses started offering home delivery or on-demand delivery services. The on-demand services ease customers’ work and are also helping businesses boost their businesses.

Businesses that offer on-demand delivery services also require a payment service. Such businesses also offer COD (Cash on delivery). Today this is an essential service. To make a perfect app for users, Businesses should add specific payment options as follows:

Cash On Delivery – Users buying services from your application must pay through cash. They must feel comfortable paying the seller in cash.

UPI – Today, with the world being digitalized, people are moving towards online and mobile banking. Customers must get an option to pay through online or mobile baking on the spot.

Mobile wallets – Various companies offer several e-wallet services. It is necessary to give users an option to pay through wallets.

These are some of the options businesses should offer for payment to the users.

Location tracking

As discussed above, on-demand delivery services are booming. Be it a food delivery service or something else, customers expect a live location tracking system that allows users to track the current live location where their product is currently reached.

Online shopping is not a new thing today, but people still feel unsafe when buying something online.

This location tracking allows users to see where their product is to make people feel safe. For example, someone buying a product shipped from far away from home. People can track day by day and real-time location. This way, they feel assured that their product is in safe hands and will receive it soon.


As discussed, these were some of the essential features that are a must in a Mobile application in 2023. If you are looking forward to developing a mobile application for your business, these are some of the essential features that you need to include in your mobile application. These features are a necessity, and they will also help you grow your business and engage with your customers easily.

There are also some other things that you need to consider. But leave the rest to the experts. Get top mobile application development services from the industry’s best developers. Hire Android/iOS app developers dedicated to working to make your app a success.



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