Top PHP Laravel framework features and benefits

23 March 2023 4 Min Read

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks today. Laravel is popular for its wide range of features and efficiency to create high-profile web applications. Laravel is still growing, but its results are assuring. Laravel provides the best platform for PHP development, and that’s the reason why it’s chosen the most. Just to clear the doubts, let’s just understand

What is Laravel Framework used for?

PHP is one of the oldest web app development Languages, and Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks. There are various Frameworks available in the market for PHP. But Laravel is the most used PHP framework. Laravel is an open-source framework made to ease the duty of developers. Laravel is made to make PHP development easier with built-in features.

So basically, Laravel is popular for its ease of use and rich features. Laravel was created in an attempt to create a better and advanced alternative for the Codeigniter framework. The features of Laravel are what makes people choose it.

Why Laravel is the best framework?

First of all, Laravel is the most popular and is the best but knowing why is necessary. Laravel offers some great features that make it the best among the others. Features that are best for developers.

Here are some of the great features of Laravel:

1. Template Engine

Laravel offers great built-in templates that can be useful to create wonderful dynamic layouts using the content. The template engine provides various templates including JS and CSS code with powerful features. Laravel templates are specifically designed to create simple and elegant design layouts with specific sections offering.

2. Effective ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

Laravel offers the eloquent Object Relational Mapping(ORM) that offers active PHP record implementation that eases the work. The ORM allows developers to edit databases with simple PHP queries instead of SQL code. Also, ORM is relatively faster than PHP.

3. MVC Architecture

Laravel also supports the MVC architecture pattern. The MVC pattern ensures and separates business logic and presentation layers. Also, it improves web application’s performance and security. This MVC architecture helps in improving the performance, allowing better documentation and its multiple built-in functions.

4. Artisan

Laravel offers a command-line tool called Artisan. Artisan helps to automate the tedious repetitive programming tasks. The Artisan can also be applied to create the database structure, skeleton code, or manage migration. Artisan can also generate basic MVC files through the command-line and manage it as well as its configurations. Also, Artisan allows developers to create their own commands and use them up to their requirements.

5. Security

Currently, Laravel offers the best security for PHP. For passwords, Laravel uses a salted and hash password mechanism that ensures total password security. Besides, Laravel uses prepared SQL statement that allows that assures Security from SQL injection attacks.

6. Library and Modular

Laravel offers pre-installed object-oriented and modular libraries, which is almost rare. Many other famous PHP frameworks do not have these types of specific libraries.

7. Secure Migration System

This Laravel migration feature is quite useful. The feature allows developers to expand the web application database structure without re-creating it whenever there are some changes in codes. It not only allows to change database structure but also helps to make changes using PHP code instead of SQL queries. This feature reduces the data loss risk to the minimum.

8. Unit-Testing

One of the reasons Laravel is quite popular is its unit-testing feature. Laravel is capable of running multiple tests throughout the application. The unit-testing feature ensures that the changes done by the developer do not break down the whole application. Also, chances of failure at the release are very minimal when using Laravel. Laravel has quite features that ensure careful and stable release.

9. Trusthosts Middleware

This Laravel feature allows developers to create a bunch of logics and use them. This is a unique feature and quite useful too.

Wrap Up

All the above-mentioned features make Laravel a more preferred and liked framework. Laravel is already popular and becoming more popular among the developer’s thanks to its unique and classic architecture where developers can create their infrastructure specific for their application.

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