How to choose and hire the best ReactJS Developer?

9 December 2022 4 Min Read

For your upcoming project, do you want to recruit React developers? However, finding qualified developers that can satisfy your needs for product development might take a lot of work. You must choose a React developer with the appropriate industry experience, technical proficiency, and skill set before engaging them to help you with your web app Design and development needs. This site will give you practical assistance.

An Overview of ReactJS

Developers utilize the open-source JavaScript package React to create user interfaces. It aids in resolving problems with web pages that have only been partially updated. The construction of single-page apps requires ReactJS. React is used by well-known digital giants like Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Codecademy, and others.

React is used by more than 9,600,000 active websites and 10,234 renowned businesses worldwide. Its ease of use, quick rendering, convenience, adaptability, and ability to develop user-friendly interfaces are the main factors in its enduring appeal.

React has quickly gained popularity even though several platforms may aid UI creation. ReactJS is the sixth most demanding JS library among the top 10,000 websites, according to Builtwith.

You should evaluate a React developer’s experience using appropriate technical analyses and other factors before employing them. But before we get going, let’s explore the primary duties of a React developer!

What duties do fall under the purview of a React developer?

To make a particular choice, consider this overview of the primary duties of a ReactJS developer:

Leveraging the ReactJS tools to build fascinating UI components.

Generating high-quality UI code from wireframes and mockups.

Constantly checking the code to improve app speed.

Utilizing ReactJS processes like Context and Redux APIs to extract calculated data from the state and handling apps’ conditions to build asynchronous API calls.

Using CSS-pre-processors like LESS and SASS, stylesheets, and JavaScript capabilities to write current, concise, and expressive code.

building, enhancing, and ensuring cross-compatibility of reusable JS, CSS, and HTML components.

Putting an application through the QA process includes integration, end-to-end, and unit testing.

Essential Qualifications for Hiring React JS Developers

  1. JavaScript and EcmaScript

Developers using ReactJS should be more familiar with JS capabilities, syntax, and functions. They must have prior knowledge of DOM manipulation, ES6 syntax, JavaScript scopes, operations, event bubbling, and hoisting. It’s essential to grasp EcmaScript to write arbitrary React apps thoroughly.

  1. Technical Proficiency

The top developer should know Rest APIs, sophisticated HTML and HTML5, and JSON. They must be familiar with various React basic ideas, including classes, hooks, props, JSX, component lifecycle methods, and functional components. They should also be competent with other IT platforms, such as Jira, Jenkins, Zoho, etc.

  1. Different Technologies

Choose programmers who are proficient in a variety of ReactJS-compatible technologies, such as the MERN stack. They should know the MERN Stack and the Express-React combination required to manage multiple requests, cope with server traffic, and build full-stack JS apps.

  1. Version Management Systems

If you’re hosting a challenging project, you should engage a React development team with experience with VCSs like Mercurial, SVN, Firebase, TFS, Git, etc. Git is the most widely used of these for storing projects on code hosting services like BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, etc.

5.JS Build Tools 

Employ front-end programmers knowledgeable with various JS tools, Redux DevTools, and React Developer Tools – Google Chrome. They need to have experience building technologies like Yarn, NPM, Webpack, and Visual Studio Code, as well as using the React library.

  1. Basics of React and Styling Techniques

Your ReactJS developers should understand the Create React App and its features. They must also be knowledgeable in several technologies, like Babel, JSX, NextJS, etc.

  1. ReactJS Workflows

Skilled ReactJS developers prioritize state management, manage projects, and should have work related to app performance optimization in their portfolio.

Additionally, they should be familiar with well-known state management libraries and structures like Context API, React Native, Axios, React Router, Redux, MobX, etc.


Numerous benefits of ReactJS include simple coding, maintenance across the SDLC, increased productivity, and speedy rendering of reliable products. You need to work with a reputable and skilled React development company to take advantage of all these advantages. Build a high-performing product with the proper organization.



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