How contact tracing mobile apps are helpful to fight the Coronavirus pandemic?

22 March 2022 6 Min Read

In this global pandemic situation, the respective governments of different countries are taking strict measures that could restrict the spread of coronavirus within their citizens. While people are following social distancing and minimal movement out of their homes to stop the spread of the virus, many governments with the help of technologies have developed Contact Tracing apps which can help them review the ground level statistics of the current situation by tracking the data received and keeping the circumstances under control.

What is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing is the process of identification of persons who may have come into contact with an infected person. When someone gets in contact with a virus, specially trained health workforce teams will work collaboratively with public and private agencies to help the patient recall everyone. It means, they can trace people who were in close contact during the specific timeframe in which the patient have been infectious so they can help to reduce the spread of the virus. You can learn more about contact tracing at CDC

With the use of technology and mobile apps, contact tracing apps can play a major role in helping health professionals to digitally trace active patients and ultimately reducing the spread of the virus within the citizens. To help more, big tech companies like Google and Apple  have collaborated and supported many software developers around the globe to create more accurate apps to fight ongoing global COVED-19 pandemic.

How Contact Tracing Apps help the Citizens?

  1. This app uses Bluetooth and GPS technologies which are easily available on every mobile device.
  2. Users get important notifications and updates about the news, alerts, and awareness notices.
  3. It contains a self-diagnosis E-test for the user to check the symptoms defined.
  4. An E-pass carry service for movement in public places.
  5. Live statistics and news from genuine sources for reliable information.
  6. Health authorities can gather statistics of the user’s movement through GPS to make sure people are following social distancing.
  7. In case of contact with the suspect or positive patient, the user will get an immediate notification about it and an advisory to self-isolate and supportive guidelines.
  8. The app will show the details of the nearby healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Benefits of This App to the Health Workers And government:

  1. The app is also helpful to the health workers and government apart from the user.
  2. A proactive way to keep track of suspected individuals and the quickest way to reach patients.
  3. Governments can issue an advisory or notice about the situation and make it reach millions in no time.
  4. Managing the statistics of the active cases of respective localities, thus helping governments to take measures accordingly.

How Does Contact Tracing App Works And What Info Does It Requires?

This app asks users to register with their basic details. Also, this app asks the user for their location access and Bluetooth service to work accurately.

It is advisable to provide only the information which is required. These Contact Tracing apps mostly works on Bluetooth or GPS Technology. Beacon Technology also can be beneficial for these apps. We need to know how these services are useful for Contact Tracing Apps.

Bluetooth Technology:

The app using Bluetooth service is the perfect one, as it is the most privacy-friendly option. Bluetooth uses low-energy sensors along with GPS which helps the app to establish close range communication between multiple users of the app. When two devices come in each other’s Bluetooth range with the same Contact Tracing app installed, they begin to communicate and transfer the details, which creates a log list of users contact within the proximity. If one person of the conatct found positive or asymptomatic, app will alert other users with related information.

Beacon technology can additionally be helpful in contact tracing as they are small wireless transmitters that uses low-energy bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. Using Beacon technology we can add custom services like, if a user wants to travel in highly infectious or suspective area where the beacon is already installed, the user will get an alert notification on their devices about the area’s current condition and providing alert on safety measures for travel.

GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS navigation system is also useful in Contact Tracing Application as many existing apps are already using this technology along with Bluetooth. GPS may be known as the best tracking services in other business services, but in contact tracing, it provides an upper hand to generate quantitative data of users movement in different locations and alerts the users if one of them is asymptomatic or positive. For performing various statistical operations, GPS needs to track the user’s activity, which is against the privacy policy in most countries, but if you’re asking consent for gathering required data than GPS based Contact Tracing App is really helpful.

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Countries across the world are using individual contact tracing apps

Name Of The App
COVID Safe Australia
HaMagen Israel
TraceTogether Singapore
Arogya Setu India
MySejahtera Malaysia


Contact tracing is one of the important processes in the efforts of reducing the spread of coronavirus. With the help of technology and mobile apps, citizens must take part and make this fighting process as effective as possible to bring back the normal conditions in communities and restart the global economies.

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