Flutter vs Swift: Choose the Best Framework for Your iOS App Development

23 January 2024 6 Min Read
Flutter Vs Swift

In the dynamic landscape of mobile app development, the choice between Flutter and Swift hinges on project requirements, development goals, and platform preferences.


With its widget-based UI approach and high code reusability, Flutter stands out for cross-platform development.


On the other hand, Swift, tailored for native iOS app development, excels in seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem and delivers top-notch performance.


As the industry evolves, both frameworks continue to make their mark, offering developers versatile tools to bring their app visions to life.


Ultimately, the decision between Flutter and Swift is nuanced, influenced by factors such as scalability, community support, and the unique demands of the project at hand.


In this article, you will find the answer to your hustle of which work to choose.

What is Flutter?

A framework of Google that can build user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and web. It is a single code-based framework. This code base can be used for both iOS and Android systems. Visit the link to learn more about the flutter.


For example, if you want to add the “click” button to your app, you want to code it in Flutter. A developer doesn’t need to code separately. The one code will be enough for both iOS and Android. A reliable Flutter App Development Company can guarantee you the app you desire.

What is Swift?

Apple created the framework, Swift. With Swift, you can build iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS applications. Swift is a language that is used to give instructions to iPhone.


For example, a developer has to create a code to show the same “click” button to show in an app. The developer also has to instruct what to do after clicking the button. But this can be only used in iPhones. It can’t be used for normal apps.


Swift is especially for Apple devices only. With a reliable Swift App Development Company you will get the iOS app you want.

Why Do We Need to Compare Flutter and Swift?

The app market is on a rapid rise. In 2022 The global mobile market was valued at 206.85M. This number will go up in the days to come. The iOS application development will rise with the market.


This led to the debate as to which framework to choose. These frameworks cater equally to the needs of developers. But they differ in a few points. Read more to know which frameworks will benefit you the most.

The Difference Between Flutter and Swift

Purpose and Platform


The purpose of Flutter is for cross-platform development. It can support iOS, android, web, and desktop.


The same code base of Flutter can run on both iOS and Android.

Swift :

Used primarily for iOS development. It won’t help in any other way. It is specifically tailored for iPhones and iPads.

Programming Language


Uses Dart programming language

Swift :

Uses swift programming language. If you want to work with Swift frame work Hire Swift Developers and make a standard app.

UI Development


In UI development uses a widget-based approach.

Swift :

Uses interface builder or swift UI for UI design.

Code reusability


It offers high code reusability across different platforms. A flutter app’s logic and UI code can be reused for IOS and many other things.


swift code is primarily focused on iOS development. Swift code can not used as it is to the Android code. While porting to Android swift code needs adoption.



Flutter is a growing community by Google. With this community, you can ask questions and get answered by other developers. – Hire Flutter Developers to know more about the Flutter app development.

Swift :

Swift is an established community of Android.

Learning Curve


Flutter’s learning curve is especially for developers who are familiar with object-oriented programming. Developers with Java script knowledge will find it easy.

Swift :

Swift’s learning curve is especially for developers who have experience with modern programming languages. The syntax of Swift is concise and expressive.

Integration with Native Features


Using platform channels flutter can easily integrate with native features. For example, you can access device camera features through Flutter’s platform channel.

Swift :

Seamless integration with iOS native features and APIs. In this, you can use a core location framework for location-based service.

Performance Development


Flutter app can achieve near-native performance because of the compiled native ARM code.

Swift :

Swift apps can achieve full iOS capabilities as it directly compiled to native ARM code.

Speed and Efficiency


With hot reload flutter can guarantee quick interaction. You can instantly see the UI changes without restarting the app.

Swift :

With Xtools and stimulators, swift can offer efficient development. Xcode’s Interface Builder provides a visual interface for designing UI.



It is famous for start-ups and cross-platforms. For example, google, reflectily, and many more using Flutter.

Swift :

It is especially used by established companies and adopted for iOS development. LinkedIn and many more use Swift.



It is applicable for larger applications. Like Google Stadia.

Swift :

Scalable only for iOS applications as it needs adoption to use it in a cross-platform.

App Updates


As Flutter has a single codebase for diverse platforms it is easy to maintain.

Swift :

On the other hand, iOS needs changes or specific adjustments for new features.



It is clearly seen, that with Flutter you don’t need to write codes for multiple platforms. You can write a single codebase and use that in diverse platforms. This is a clear cost-effective step if your project is on a tight budget.


With Swift, you can only develop apps for iOS. If you want your app to go in diverse platforms you may need to rewrite it with a separate programming language and team.

Things You Need to Consider While Choosing the Framework.

  • The execution speed for your syntax.
  • Developer’s availability and accessibility
  • Robustness and reliability of the framework
  • The coding possibilities in the future


In Warpup, flutter and Swift have several advantages. Swift is more reliable and apt for high performance. On the other hand, flutter is highly cost-saving and high in easy to use. Choose your framework according to your needs and requirements.


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