How to Create an On-Demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

22 November 2023 7 Min Read
App Like Netflix

In the fiercely competitive landscape of on-demand video streaming app development, Netflix emerges as the victor, boasting a global presence in over 190 countries. As of the most recent Q2-2023, Netflix had a whopping 238.39+ million paying users globally, and it generated a significant $8.19 billion in revenue.


However, it goes beyond Netflix alone. Forecasts predict that the industry would grow at a phenomenal Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.73% and reach $397.20 billion by 2027. By 2023, OTT applications are expected to have a user penetration rate of 45.07%, and by 2027, that number is expected to rise to 53.0%, according to Statista.


This data underscores the immense potential within the on-demand app development arena. Netflix clearly understands how to capitalize on these opportunities, and so do its formidable competitors such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and others.


If you’re curious about how these OTT giants have achieved their popularity and generated substantial revenue, you’re not alone. That’s why, in this comprehensive guide, we delve into the secrets of on-demand video streaming app development, with a focus on emulating Netflix’s masterful strategies. This guide provides you with invaluable insights into the world of on-demand video streaming, covering essential aspects like business planning, UI/UX psychology, key features, and more. Whether you aspire to create app like Netflix, this resource is your roadmap to success.

What Is an OTT Platform?

An OTT platform, which stands for over-the-top services, is a type of digital distribution strategy that offers internet users direct access to a variety of media material, such as movies, television shows, music, and more. OTT platforms, or the platforms that enable these services, essentially act as enormous stores of digital media material that customers may watch over a network connection.


Users have the flexibility to stream content from these platforms on various digital devices with internet connectivity. This encompasses smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, or even standard televisions equipped with smart TV sticks, all made possible through their streaming subscriptions.


We advise hire android app developers from a renowned video streaming app development company if you’re trying to break into the industry of video streaming app development. This strategy makes sure you have the knowledge and resources required to produce a fruitful video streaming app.

How to Create an On-Demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix

Research and Idea Generation:

Conducting comprehensive market research is essential in order to identify the ideal concept for an OTT streaming app that holds the potential for a successful business venture. This research is vital for gaining insights into various aspects such as app features, design trends, technology choices, viable business models, and more, all of which are instrumental in formulating the foundational blueprint for your OTT business.

Contacting a partner for app development:

Engaging with an OTT app development company is another pivotal step in this process. While your independent research is invaluable, seeking the guidance and expertise of a mobile app development partner is crucial. These professionals not only lend a keen ear to your specific app requirements but also conduct their own in-depth analysis and research. They subsequently offer tailored solutions that align with your objectives, complete with comprehensive design and development strategies. This collaborative approach ensures that your OTT app project is well-informed, meticulously planned, and poised for success.

Preparing the architecture and technical stack:

After the consultation, your technology partner not only provides development solutions but also recommends a cutting-edge technology stack that is customized to meet the high-performance requirements of your OTT streaming app. It is crucial to guarantee that your OTT streaming app not only delivers outstanding performance but is also equipped to scale effortlessly to accommodate future growth. Once the technology stack is planned, your technology partner will assist you in creating the initial architecture for your OTT app concept.

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) of Your OTT App:

The next step is to translate your study into an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design for your ideal OTT app after you’ve finished the technical planning stage. You’ll need to work with specialized UI/UX designers that can create a top-notch user experience design solution to achieve this. They will produce navigable, clickable prototypes of your OTT app, complete with interactive components to exhibit the desired look and feel.

OTT App Development, Starting with MVP:

After finalizing the app’s design, it’s recommended to kick off the development process with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). The MVP will encompass the essential features and functionalities required for your app. Once the MVP is developed and launched, you can closely monitor user feedback and assess its potential for becoming a valuable app for your target audience.

Expanding to Full-Fledged App Development:

If the MVP receives positive feedback and demonstrates its utility, you can proceed with full-fledged app development. This phase involves building a comprehensive platform that caters to the desires of your users. Having a dedicated team of mobile app developers will prove instrumental in this stage.

Testing, quality control, and launch:

Post-development, the app must undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures. This critical step ensures the app’s build quality and functionality are of the highest standard. QA engineers will thoroughly test the app under various scenarios to identify and rectify any bugs, expectations, or issues. This meticulous process is vital for preventing post-launch crises that could negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

App Launch on Respective Platforms:

It’s time to launch the app on the appropriate platform, such as the App Store for iOS apps or the Google Play Store for Android apps, when testing and quality assurance have been successfully completed. In order to properly launch your software and make it accessible to a large user base, thorough preparation and execution are required.

Post-Launch Support and Maintenance:

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, it’s essential to provide ongoing updates and maintenance for your app to remain the preferred choice of your target audience. When selecting an app development partner, ensure they offer full-cycle support, encompassing design, development, and future app support for upgrades and maintenance. This commitment to continuous improvement will help your OTT app stay competitive and beloved by users.


Building a Netflix-like on-demand video streaming service takes commitment, money, and a solid comprehension of the rapidly changing digital media landscape. If you want to flourish in this fast-paced sector, never forget to stay flexible, consider client input, and constantly update and enhance your software.


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