Cost of Building an Educational App for Kids in 2023

31 August 2023 6 Min Read
educational app for kids

The need for education app development services has increased as a result of the COVID epidemic as educational institutions have come to understand their importance and potential advantages. Furthermore, this surge has sped up the creation of online learning platforms. According to Statista, global income from online learning platforms is anticipated to reach $64.50 billion by 2027, up considerably from $57 billion in 2021. An important first step in leveraging this trend is estimating the costs of creating educational apps.


Building instructional software typically costs between $45,000 and $50,000. The overall expenses are influenced by the degree of complexity, the quantity and kind of features, UI/UX design, and developer involvement. A detailed investigation of these aspects is required in order to determine the app development cost for your educational institution.


Read this article to learn how to streamline this procedure and acquire business insights into the costs connected with education app development. It will give you useful knowledge that will enable you to make wise choices and take advantage of chances in this burgeoning industry.

What is an Educational App?

Users of educational applications can learn a variety of disciplines with the help of virtual instructors or all-in-one digital books. The educational programs Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy are a few examples. These software programs can be used to create digital textbooks, tutorials, tests, homework, and grading tools.


These applications eliminate the need to visit a school, which might be inconvenient for many kids. Studying the topic they want or need to becomes a chore they can do with just one click from any comfortable location of their choice.

Different Educational App Types

The target users of educational app platforms fall into a variety of groups, and your app must satisfy their requirements and expectations.

Application for learning languages (such as Duolingo and Babbel)

Before the advent of Internet platforms, language study was a common practice, and its popularity has only grown as more people have access to information.

Application for Tutors (Khan Academy, TutorMe)

By providing online access to lectures and courses, these programs help students advance in their academic endeavors and education.

Applications for teaching children (like YouTube Kids)

The market for online learning platforms for kids is growing swiftly because parents appreciate the health and personal protection it provides while making sure their children obtain a top-notch education.

How to build Build an Educational App for Kids

  • Identify the target audience: Determine the age group and educational level of the kids you want to target. Consider their cognitive abilities, interests, and learning styles.
  • Define the app’s purpose and features: Clearly outline the educational goals of your app. Decide on the specific features you want to include, such as interactive lessons, quizzes, games, progress tracking, and rewards systems.
  • Conduct market research: Study existing educational apps for kids to identify gaps or areas for improvement. Review user comments and ratings to determine what functions well and what requires improvement.
  • Create a user-friendly interface: Create a user interface that is simple to use and pleasant to the eye. To grab their attention and improve their learning experience, use vivid colors, attention-grabbing imagery, and interactive components.
  • Develop educational content: Create high-quality educational content aligned with the targeted curriculum or learning objectives. Incorporate multimedia elements like videos, animations, and audio to make the learning process more engaging and interactive.
  • Implement gamification elements: Integrate game-like features such as levels, badges, rewards, and challenges to motivate and incentivize kids to actively participate and progress in their learning journey.
  • Ensure app security and privacy: Prioritize the security and privacy of young users by putting strong security measures in place, adhering to pertinent data protection laws, and gaining the necessary parental or guardian approval.
  • Test and iterate: To find and fix any bugs, usability problems, or performance difficulties, thoroughly test your software. Gather feedback from kids, parents, or educators to make iterative improvements.
  • Launch and market the app: Once your app is ready, release it on relevant app stores. Develop a marketing strategy to promote your app through online channels, social media, educational communities, and collaborations with schools or educational institutions.
  • Gather and analyze user feedback: Continuously gather feedback from users and monitor app usage data. Make use of this data to further enhance the features, content, and overall user experience of your app.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App?

It is crucial to bear in mind while creating an educational app that each feature’s complexity directly affects the amount of time and effort needed by developers to create, build, and test it.


Consequently, the cost of development is affected accordingly. It is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the desired complexity and features when creating an educational app to accurately estimate the development cost.

Education App Development Costs

Country Cost per Hour

  • USA $100 to $150
  • Eastern Europe $90 to $120
  • Ukraine $40 to $80
  • India $20 – $60

Platform Cost

  • iOS $22,000 to $55,000
  • Android $25,000 to $60,000
  • Cross-platform $24,000 to $58,000

App Complicatency Cost

  • Basic or MVP $20,000 to $25,000
  • Standard $45,000 to $50,000
  • Advanced $75,000 to $90,000

Consider working with a reputable mobile app development company to guarantee a successful app development process. Hire Android app developers is a fantastic choice if the Android platform is your major emphasis. On the other hand, it makes sense to hire iPhone developers if you are concentrating on iOS. These experts have the knowledge and abilities required to realize your idea for an educational app while sticking to your particular specifications.


You will need assistance from an eLearning mobile app development company to accurately estimate the ultimate expenditures for your instructional app. You can also hire app developers. They will be able to precisely estimate and may even reduce the total development expenses of your educational app since they will have a comprehensive grasp of what goes into creating a successful educational app.


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