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14 May 2024 7 Min Read
medicine app like goodrx

This article provides guidelines for creating a prescription medicine app like GoodRx. It will explain to you the importance of prescription medicine apps and provide you with all the necessary guidance to create an amazing app. With the guide of features and choosing the development partner, you can get the perfect plan to develop a prescription medicine app.


Expenses of medicines that are always painful, just imagine, you are already in pain and the medicine price doubles your pain. The medicine prescription apps can help you save extra money on buying medicine. GoodRx is a game-changer app as it makes it simple for users to get the best deal on prescription drugs.


Revenue from patient-centric healthcare apps is predicted to reach USD 41.61 billion by 2030, up from an estimated USD 10.51 billion in 2022.


You can meet the demand for reasonably priced medication and build a successful business in the process. All you need to do is, create the best prescription medicine app. An app development company can help you build an efficient prescription medicine app. So, if you want to build an efficient medicine app like GoodRx, then you need to follow some guidance. This article will provide you with the ultimate guide for creating a prescription medicine app.

Need for Prescription Medicine Apps

Customers can get several benefits from the app while finding affordable medicines. The app can give you the best analysis of medicines from different pharmacy stores. The users can easily differentiate the prices and get existing discounts on medicines.


So, the app can bring you the best and most affordable medicine from your nearest pharmacy stores. Now, to create the best software like GoodRx, let’s first understand GoodRx and its offered facilities.

What is GoodRx?

GoodRx is an American healthcare technology company, It provides a platform or a mobile app to find affordable prescription medicines.


It offers price comparison tools for different diseases with access to discounts and coupons on medicines. Just type the name of the prescription drug, and GoodRx will show users a list of local pharmacies that have the best deals on that particular drug.


GoodRx has become a well-known app for millions of consumers looking for affordable healthcare options, Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and a wide network of pharmacies.


So, the GoodRx provides complete support for finding prescribed medicine at affordable prices. If you want to build an app like GoodRx, then you need to add some necessary features to your app. Hire app developers to create a prescription medicine app with good features.

Key Features of the Medicine App

To provide great features, you need to ensure the quality of features in different operating systems. You need to hire Android app developers to add the necessary features to Android. And hire iOS developers to develop the best tools and features for iPhones.


Here are some of the basic features you need to add for an efficient medicine app:

Drug description and instructions

Imagine someone who is struggling with an unbearably intense headache. Seeking solace and the appropriate medication, they search Google. The drawback? They don’t know how safe or frequently they should take it. It’s an unclear circumstance.


Make sure to provide all the essential information for patients in your medicine app. Provide information about potential side effects and how to use the medication

Price comparison

The biggest advantage of the app should be the affordable medication. For that, you need to provide the perfect tools that check the prices of the nearest pharmacy stores and provide the best prices for the prescribed medicine.


So, the customers can choose the best price to buy the medicines at an affordable price. The price comparison helps customers save extra money on buying medicines, and it provides them full freedom to buy the best medicine at an affordable price.

Coupons and discounts

When customers get discounts on medicines, they always feel good and the medicine affects them well. So, you can have a good engagement on the app by offering a good discount on medicines. Also, customers can save extra money while buying medicines.


The discount on medicine can be a game changer for enhancing the profitability of the medicine apps.

Customer support

In case, the customer has any doubts and queries related to prescriptions and prices for the medicine, there needs to be always support available on the medicine app.


Provide the chatbot or a customer support team on the medicine app to clear all the doubts of the customer and help them find the best price for the prescribed medicine.

Medication refill reminders

Most people also forget to take their medicine on time, and that causes health issues for them. To solve this problem, you can provide a tool that reminds the user to take the medicine. It feels like a friend or a family member taking care of you by reminding you to take medicine.

User reviews

Take valuable feedback from the customers, they can provide you with genuine reviews on your app and services. With the feedback, you can improve your service and make it personalized and user-friendly.

Selecting the Right Mobile App Development Company

You need to consider all the requirements of your app to choose the perfect app development service among the best mobile app development services. Now, for the better reach of your medicine app, you need to create an Android app and an iOS app for Android and iPhone users.


The app development for iPhone and Android devices is completely different. To maintain the app quality on both operating systems, you need to have the best Android app development to create an efficient medicine app for Android users. Also, for iPhone users, you need to create the best iOS app with the help of an iOS app development company.

Test and quality assurance

It is essential to test the functionality of the app and make sure it is of the highest caliber before launching it. If testers discover any errors or issues in the application, they can notify the developers, and they will immediately address the problem.


In conclusion, creating a successful prescription medicine app like GoodRx requires careful consideration of user needs and essential features. Choose the right mobile app development company to develop an efficient prescription medicine app.


Conduct the testing and quality assurance after the development. Ultimately, with a well-crafted app, you can address the pain of expensive medications and provide users with an efficient and affordable solution.


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