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Studio Bookings

Fitness Studio Bookings Mobile App
Use the app to manage your fitness studio from anywhere while your members can also book classes using the APP

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The client has portrayed an idea of creating a build for mobile phones with the help of Android and iOS platform. He is already consisting with the website, and now willing to have such an application, that can integrate with the same. The major task was to create such an application, that can synchronize with data of website.


The core concept behind this system was to induce such a system, which can be proved to be intermediate between the Studio owners and their members. The client was expecting us to build a bridge that can harmonize with the web application. Several provocations have raised which are to be prevailed.


  • Individual registration for each Studio

  • Class Scheduling

  • Credit sustenance for each member

  • Member management

  • Report generation


The Solution

The initial step taken by our technical team was to extract the exact requirements that are imperative to build a mobile application. Being experienced in this field, our vocational brains had arise with the elucidation that can prevail over the above delineated challenges.


Each studio can be considered as an individual realm, which is administered by the owner of that Studio. And user can become a member of the same by registering into it.


Owner has rights to add, update and cancel the class from website as well as mobile application.


Credit is one of the major aspect affecting the booking process, which is mandatory to sustain. This application would make it simple for owner and member to sustain the credits.


Members of each studio are well maintained by the owner, he gets complete rights to act regarding any member.


Several reports are generated to analyze the growth of the studio like attendance report, sales report, recent members, guests, etc.


The Result

The application was built, with fulfillment in the vicinity of all expectations narrated by the client, by the magnificent minds of our team. It was deployed on the desired timings and successfully in the air.



The system does possess a payment portal, with the help of which member can purchase the packages and owner can earn from the class credits. There is a predetermined amount endowed to the client. Also acquires eminence with the increasing number of Studios and Members.

The major virtues of this system, like payment, are carried out through website only, which is already in existence. But for the purpose of migrant utilization, client desired to develop this build. It proved to be expedient as it’s perseverance fascinated more than the twice of previous number of users.

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