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Saever ? An On-demand Services App

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The idea of Saever app was undoubtedly superb. We were committed to delivering the demands on time with perfection. The client wanted us to develop an app which works at two front-end like the customer who asks for services and service provider who provides services. The actual concern with an app is to set functionalities on both the sides with a request, quote and accept, tracking and payment.


The project requisites from the client are quite tough to understand. The idea is to create user and provider both stands on the front-end. One generates a request with a query and another one kindly follow up the queries by the user. The design structure of the app logic, payment flow to maintain the balance of service provider, transaction history, and so many things are tough to set for both on the front with the same platform. The challenging functionalities include with Request, Quote and Accept Tracking and Payment.



Once service provider on the way to reach customer for providing service, both customer and provider will have a notification with a message that “your service provider is on the way to reach you” and also provide tracking geo-location using map service.

Preffered provider

Highly satisfied customers would prefer to have more or repeat services from the same provider. For that, a customer can add the provider as preferred provider. The provider notified by the app that customer has selected their services as preferred provider.


Once service provider signs up with Saever app for providing services will have a welcome balance in provider account to begin their services to users.

Group Chat

A group chat is a way to communicate both the side and many ways. A group chat and personal chat both are available to user and provider for communication and understand the request properly.


The pre-payment facility has provided in the saever app. A customer can make payment after service has been done or make pre-payment before service gain. Online and offline (cash) payment mode has set in the app for customer comforts.


A dashboard shows the summary details of the pending request, messages, closed services, services accepted.

Saever on demand services mobile application

The Solution

The design structure of the app logic, payment flow to maintain the balance of service provider, transaction history, and so many things are tough to set for both on the front with the same platform.


Saever is a service marketplace mobile app that let everyone offer their skills locally to people around them.


Saever app allows people to request for different services in a most secure and non-pervasive way and at a requested date/time. Saever app matches your service needs and connects you with the people locally.


Entire Saever app process is alighted in presence of all the three users of this system i.e. User, Provider and admin. So there are very negligible chances for provoking any such issue.


You can choose to get service quotes from people you already know or let Saever do the best matchmaking for you. You review their quotes, profile, rating, earlier works, all from one place within Saever app and then select the one best for your job. Once connected, Saever provides you the best tool and features so that you and service providers focus on completing your project.


Each user/provider who registers on the app gets an individual profile, where he can view his own data and services provided to the users and communicate with them in group chat box.

The Result

After all the complexity of the app functionality, developers team built successfully all the features demanded by the client.

The service providers have vast opportunity to show their skill and utilize it from the one stop platform known as Saever. The users would benefit from best matching services provided by the provider.



A client is satisfied and rewarded the developer team with a memorable party. An application is in use with good response from the users and providers end. The client is achieving more business and capital from the app.

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