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Love Exploring – Traveling Application

Visit famous places wherever you go. Use our app and enjoy it to the fullest.

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About Love Exploring Application

Wherever you go we look for the must-visit places. By using our Love exploring app find out all that a place has to offer near the region. Our app uses Geo-location and augmented reality (AR) to serve the best experience possible to the users. By using Geo-location APIs it gives the user a real-time experience where some of the best places are located. People can easily check out the places, distance, etc from the same app. The app also offers family games, trails and many more activities to make your trip much more exciting. It also offers information and all about the places for families to get to know places better.


To enhance the visiting experience, in the quiz users are supposed to follow the fairies or characters to get clues and complete the quiz. Whereas in trails, users will get detailed routes and interesting information about the area. Also, the app will give you information about any nearest cafes, or restaurants for food or accommodation.

Standard Features List

Here users will get guided route maps and important information about the place they are already visiting.

Users get different quizzes for places. To answer the questions, users will have to follow some virtual characters like fairies. The character will guide them through.

Through the app, users will be able to play specific games which are designed for specific places.Games will entertain and share certain information about the places.

The app offers interactive and entertaining map view inbuilt in the app. Users can definitely use the feature to get detailed map information.

App shots

Catch sight of the Love Exploring App below. Check out some of the main features of the app below.

Client’s requirement and our solution


For the app, our client did bring an exceptionally unique app idea. To make it perfect, we had to take it next level. The first requirement was to provide a Geo-location map feature with map and routes specified. Our developers came up with an excellent solution and made it the best feature. To keep people more entertained we added other interesting information and activities to make the app much more engaging.