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NetFish ? Free Fishing Guide App

Log your catches and record
where, when and what you caught

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The idea of a Netfish app was unimagined. We had decided to create an app the way requirements were given to us and make it perfect. The client wanted us to develop an app which provides Where, when, a fond of fishing should go for catching a fish. The actual concern with an app is to set functionalities like search spot for fishing, share catching fish as a post, earn points, the recommendation of weather.


The requirements from the client were amazed. To connect and gather data from the iBobber App was the biggest challenge to making it happen. Esri Map was toughest to set for getting geographical details of the lakes.


Social Media Integration

One can register himself through social media platform. My Reelwards has connected Facebook, Instagram social media platforms to earn points by sharing posts. A user can create profile easily same as Facebook, Instagram etc.

Catch Feed

Catch Feed is the dashboard screen where you can see the shared post by the anglers who have done their fishing activity recently. You can follow the people and give likes, comments and share their post on your feed.

My ReelWard

One can earn few points while sharing their post on social media platform. You can buy a fishing guide or material from the earned points. If not having enough points to but from the shop then share your post on social media and earn the points.

Search Spot

The Net fish app gives you best result when you are in the mood for fishing and searching for the best place which gives you a prediction of whether from present day to next upcoming four days. Four categories after search Details, Where, When, How appears.

The Solution

Our technical team has come up with best solutions to the situation given by the owner. The solunar forcasting giving you the best time to catch based on biometric pressure.


It takes a bit more effort to merge with iBobber App and use its data to the anglers who seek for the information. One can easily get information on the lake for fishing.


From the search indices, one can easily found the places for fishing and no need to pre-plan for catch fishing. The app explores dynamic fishing spots nearby your location and shares details about weather prediction.


The multiple map option included with a topographic has settled inside the app to reach or to track up to the destination place.


You can get recipes features from the mobile app to make better food which matches to your catch.


The Result

Finally, hard work shines on the Netfish application which has successfully built with all the features and decencies demanded by the client. The application has achieved a huge crowd of users to utilize the features included in the application.



A client is satisfied with the application and having much enough traffic on play store as well as on App store and likings from the user side.

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