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We received a requirement of a client for shaping up the online boat reservation website & app. The concept of creating online reservation portals & website is not new actually. But, the purpose of developing it is a unique as it is for boat & berth booking. The group of passengers can also book a boat to travel in the Europe.


The proposed application was postulated to develop as web application along with android and iOS mobile application. The vision, for this application, was screening the vast area. The basic concept was to build such a platform where user can book the boats or moorings and even plunk down their boats or marinas for rent. User can get access to approximately more than 300 luxury charters and boats throughout the Mediterranean. The major provocations featured in the application are listed below:


  • Quick Search

  • Pursuit boats and moorings in extricate manner

  • Authenticate access of the secured virtues

  • Secure booking process

  • Add own mooring or boat for rent

  • Provide admin rights for owner

  • Google map integration

  • Get other services related to boat

  • Use platform for Advertising

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The Solution

Creating such an application, in variant platforms, has proved to be an inducing task. But, concluding a conceiving discussion regarding these proposed requirements, our technical minds have determined the solutions that can procure the above mentioned challenges. The solutions are:


To make it easier for user to search and know about the mooring and boats, out technical brains have boasted up a way, where user can see a pin on that location in Google map, and get the information for the same, using a pop-up box.


Moorings and boats are the two different products with variant requirements, which are bifurcated accordingly. Due to which, user does not require more effort to rent any of them. User can search through Google map as well as directly indulge particular parameters.


Entire booking process is alighted in presence of all the three users of this system i.e. User, owner and admin. So there are very negligible chances for provoking any such issue.


User is allowed to add his own mooring or boat to this site. Along with it, he gains required access rights to dominate his commodity.


Each user who registers in the website, gets an individual profile, where he can view his own data, any product for rent or took on rent.


User can add his business page through which it can be advertised. And also run such business through this platform, where he can serve other users with utilities related to the boats and moorings.


The Result

Giving a tough shot to the provocations, our developing team has made it happen, by building a wonderful website with integration of android and iOS mobile application. There are approximately more than 1000 affiliated ports, number of boats on rent and 500+ related services.



With this, client is able to get a huge crowd of users, who can make money out of their boats and moorings, from which, a particular amount is contributed to the Marinanow for providing the platform.

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