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Online Rental Marketplace Mobile App

Online Rental Marketplace Mobile App

Now you can Rent Away….. On the go!

RentBillow is an online, person-to-person rental marketplace.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on garden equipment when you can rent them from your neighbor at a fraction of the cost? Don’t pay excess baggage fees for your child’s seat when flying cross-country. Rent that baby seat from a local resident and return it when you are done. So if you’re standing in a store wondering why you would pay $300 for something you could rent for $30, download this app.

Need extra cash? Put the unused stuff around your house to use!! People all over the nation are noticing that their ‘junk’ can actually make them a lot of money. Now you can respond rental requests while sitting on the beach.

Whether you use RentBillow’s new mobile app to SAVE or EARN money, at least you know you can do it from the comfort of your mobile device.
Rent Away!!




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