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iMOBDEV Technologies took a step ahead with a big jump on the mountain of success in the development zone with cloud application development services. In the past, people would run programs from software downloaded on physical computer or server in their location. To overcome the limitation and enhance the arena of platform cloud computing is introduced. Cloud computing is the platform which runs on the internet where your application requires an internet connection. For e.g. If you are updating a photo or status on Twitter or Facebook, you are using cloud computing. The right time and the right place for you to get cloud-based application development from Cloud Application Development Company.

What is cloud-based application?

A cloud computing is platform where any kind of application or program lands on to run virtually. Sharing computing resources rather than local server or personal device to handle application is cloud-based application.

Why need a cloud-based application?

An application is installed directly on the mobile device and developers create a separate app version for each mobile device. Security is the biggest weakness on mobile either Android application or iOS application and personal devices. Data security, file loss, system failure, installation a time-consuming process are the major problems. Cloud application development services available with worth solution for all business users.

Rising Cloud Application Development Company

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    Cloud Application Advantages for your Business


    Flexible with cost. How? A company needs to pay for server and infrastructure capacity when it is needed. It is flexible with the capacity of more supply at peak times and could de-provisioned when no longer needed. A cost of sufficient capacity to keep inside is worst in traditional computing than the present features.

    Dynamic Availability

    Cloud service providers are such trustable in providing their services, almost maintaining uptime. The internet connection is on as long as when executives have an internet connection. It’s been good that application works offline too.

    Preserves Property

    The poor quality of inconsistent reporting, it effects on business success. In the cloud-based system, all the document stored in one place and in the same file format. You can maintain consistency in data, to avoid human error and have a clear record for any updates and reviews.


    Security for what? How can you know that data are being secure? If all the files, programs, and other data aren’t kept securely on site. What happens to the storage system when it theft? The security problem forces to the business company to adopt a cloud-based application in the system. The majority of data could access by the permitting authority on premise.


    The cloud-based application allows mobile access to corporate data via smartphones. The smartphones are being used globally by the user. The business people could use the cloud computing features to keep a connection with colleagues and clients from distance location. You can offer to access information to employees on travel, freelance employees or remote employees for good work-life harmony.

    Recovery Room

    Using cloud-based application is more beneficial for the small businesses to implement cloud-based backup and recovery solutions. Many businesses already applied the cloud-based service to save the time. The disaster recovery is worth idea that provides faster recovery from the mesh of different physical locations at lower expense.

    More Cost Effective

    Whereas companies don’t have to buy equipment and tools to operate a data center. They don’t require to spend enough money on hardware, facilities and other aspects of operations. The traditional computing was much expensive to maintain the data center.

    Software Updates Automatically

    The company doesn’t need to invest money for the manual installation when software requires an update. The cloud-based system automatically updates software when needed. This will save the time and money spends on outside IT consultation. iMOBDEV Technologies is the best Mobile App Development company will improve your app updates automatically on cloud.

    Competitive Edge

    The cloud-based application becomes more popular but there are some businesses still prefer to keep everything local. Let’s go with the best technology in current reality. If you implement a cloud-based application before competitors appear, you’ll be farther along the learning curve by the time when competitors catch up.

    Back-up facility with all inherent problems

    Data backup is the most complex and time-consuming process for backup operation. Cloud Backup safeguards your business by helping to protect the important files your web or mobile application needs. Quickly get back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or file loss.

    Hurry up! Let's jump on cloud...

    The utilization of cloud-based services enables us to empower back-end structure of an application in a manner such that it can measure a large number of clients rapidly, effortlessly as well as consistently. Programmers at iMOBDEV Technologies to implement significant cloud application development company services ensures a mobile application that gives your commercial the authority and superiority it needs to stay alive and flourish in an extremely competitive marketplace.

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    iMOBDEV Technologies took a step ahead with a big jump on the mountain of success in the development zone with cloud application development services.
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