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Mobile App Maintenance: Know Why Important for Business


  • Methew Bond Reply

    You are right Mr. Ravi…!
    I agree with your through, Now a day mobile application is important for business to increase organic traffic & boots their business. Thanks to share this information through presentation. Glad to read your post.

  • Jason Herlic Reply

    We’re living and breathing in the year 2017 and in case you haven’t noticed, the world is going DIGITAL. From ordering pizza to ordering groceries, from checking important emails to holding complete video conference meetings, everything can be done with the help of an application.

    Part of why, ‘There’s an app for that’ has become one of the most repeated phrases for people of all ages. What I’m currently talking about isn’t even something new to many, most people are witnessing the change as it happens. As every day passes, people start spending more time on their phones than they ever did. Factually speaking, people have started to spend 575% more time using smartphones than they ever did.

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